PCRD is designed for passenger car tyres.
Powerful central pattern effectively improves straight-line handling
Staggered inner and outer patterns, smooth drainage, lower tread noise, balance the internal and external force, to ensure uniform wear and tear of the tread

Section WidthOverall Dia.Pressure DepthMax.Load
80 series155/80R1383TXL4.50B1575783408.8487
80 series155/80R1379T4.50B1575783008.8437
70 series155/70R1375S4.50B1575482508387
70 series165/70R1379T5.00B1705622508437
70 series165/70R1383TXL5.00B1705623008487
70 series195/70R15C100Q6J2016553758750
70 series225/70R15100H6.5J2286972508850
65 series155/65R1373T4.50B1575323008365
65 series185/65R1486H5 1/2J1895963008530
65 series195/65R1489H6J2016103008550
65 series185/65R1588H5 1/2J1896213008560
65 series185/65R1588V5 1/2J1896213008560
65 series195/65R1595HXL6J2016353008690
65 series205/65R1695H6J2096723008690
65 series215/65R1698H6 1/2J2216863008750
65 series215/65R1698V6 1/2J2216863008750
65 series235/65R16103H7J2407123008875
60 series165/60R1271H5.00B1705033008.8345
60 series165/60R1475T5J1705543008.8387
60 series185/60R1584V5 1/2J1896033008500
60 series185/60R1584H5 1/2J1896033008500
60 series195/60R1588H6J2016153008560
60 series195/60R1588V6J2016153008560
60 series205/60R1591H6J2096273008615
60 series205/60R1591V6J2096273008615
60 series205/60R1595HXL6J2096273408690
60 series215/60R1594H6J2216392508670
60 series205/60R1696VXL6J2096523408710
60 series205/60R1692H6J2096523008630
60 series215/60R1695H6 1/2J2216643008690
60 series235/60R16100V7J2406883008800
55 series185/55R1480H6J1945603008450
55 series195/55R1585V6J2015953008515
55 series195/55ZR1585W6J2015953008515
55 series205/55R1691V6 1/2J2146323008615
55 series205/55R1694VXL6 1/2J2146323408670
55 series225/55R1698WXL6.5J2336543408740
55 series215/55ZR1798WXL7J2266683408750
50 series175/50R1372V5.50B1825063008.8355
50 series205/50R1687V6 1/2J2146123008545
50 series205/50ZR1687W6 1/2J2146123008545Wholesale Car Tyres

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