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Waste Water Treatment Plant – ETP/STP

Canadain Crystalline at a Glance:

  • Far more precious than gold or silver, a little more crucial than petrol and as vital as oxygen, yes, we’re talking about water.
  • We know that 75% of the world’s fresh water resources are contaminated, the remaining is fast disappearing.
  • Soon how well we survive will depend on how well we conserve water.
  • Thankfully technology has advanced enough to offer us choices in water conservation.
  • One of the most reliable way to do today is by recycling water.
  • We at Canadian clear “Silver Stream” present you a reliable method to recycle water through our superior, pre-fabricated packaged waste water treatment plants.
  • These plants have the capacity to completely treat and cleanse waste water and make it suitable for various activities like Landscaping, Floor Washing, Gardening, A/C Cooling Tower and Toilet Flushing applications.
  • They truly lend a helpful hand in reducing the load on natural water resources.
  • Canadain Crystalline newly developed technology has resulted in machines with better efficiency, less power consumption and is more compact in terms of size and weight.
  • Canadain Crystalline Group of Companies was established in 1972 to overcome the need for pure potable water for drinking and for industries.
  • In Canadain Crystalline our Research and Development wing have worked to design, develop, manufacture complete Water Treatment and Purification System.

About our Canadian Clear Silver Stream MBR:

  • The Membrane Bioreactor unit (hereinafter referred to as “MBR”) can treat domestic wastewater generated from
  • Canadain Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBR is “Low maintenance cost” “Space saving” “low initial cost” advanced water treatment system, by combining active sludge treatment and submerged Membrane Bioreactor Systems
  • Canadain Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBR adopting membrane filtration process requires less space and yet provides higher treatment performance compared with the conventional treatment systems.
  • That is why the MBR is ideal for places with limited space, and for recycling of treated water for drip irrigation, landscaping, toilet flushing, road compacting, curing of concrete, etc
  • Raw sewage treatment capacity from 10 KLD to 100,000 KLD OR 10 m3/day to 100,000 m3/day are available in the range of Canadain Crystalline “Silver Stream” Systems
  • Canadain Crystalline”Silver Stream” MBR sets 2 or 3 membrane modules in a vertical formation, containing multiple membrane modules.
  • Pumping wastewater through the membranes effectively treats the water.
  • Sludge clogging on membrane surface is greatly reduced as air is constantly scored from beneath the membrane module


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