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Soft Drinks / Juice Rinsing Filling Capping Machine


Canadian Crystalline has conceptualized the foremost Innovative ways for the growing demand for economical bottled water packaging and complete line solutions. SEPPA’s focus is on the property production of the RFC and consistency to form solutions for enhancing productivity, hygiene, and line speed. SEPPA styles area unit driven towards the most period of time and reduced value of production. thanks to the neck handling system SEPPA’s RFC’s Ability to handle completely different shapes and a lower grammage of bottles is the most significant feature for making line Flexibility. This helps in launching new merchandise styles and packaging sorts within the same line.

The Seppa Evats a thousand RFC is the most advanced RFC for little, medium, and enormous-scale bottling lines. numerous merchandise from water, Juice, Yoghurt, Milk, beverages, alcohol, wine, sports drinks, and iced tea are prepacked during this RFC. excluding this effervescent beverage furthermore, as tin be prepacked in it. The RFC has variants that may handle hot fill (i.e.) merchandise at 400C to 800C as cold fill (i.e.) merchandise at 20C to 70C. so the RFC has flexibility in filling merchandise of 00C to 800C.


  • EVATS 1000 GT for cold filled non-carbonated water/beverage, clear juices, spirit and wine
  • EVATS 1000 GT HF for HOT FILL (up to 95 °C) and more generally for all non-carbonated beverages that require filling with recirculation

The Canadian Crystalline – Evats – 1000 is the most advanced RFC for small-scale bottled water production. It ensures high levels of hygiene along with “Contact Less Filling”. The most hygienic and accurate filling technology in the world currently with an option of ozonized water or hydrogen peroxide for rinsing the bottle prior to filling.

Contact Less Filling :

SEPPA’s volumetric contactless filling ensures the most hygienic fill and its magnetic flow meter ensures accurate consistent fill volume in aseptic models. These valves are designed and built both for ambient 0 0 temperature product fill as well as hot fill of 40 C to 90 C. The hot fill is mostly for milk, juices, iced tea, and energy drinks. The ambient fill is for water and beverages.

**Price may differ based on the capacity.


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Soft Drinks / Juice Rinsing Filling Capping Machine 0 reviews

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