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Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Product Details:

  • Traditionally municipal Sewage Treatment Plants or bio-degradable substances are diluted, and the waste is disposed of by dumping it into any body of river or lake.
  • Though this method is very simple, it is potentially dangerous to the flora and fauna present in water as it decreases the oxygen content considerably.
  • Moreover, it contaminates and causes pollution of streams and lakes as well.
  • Therefore, our specialized team of experts designs commercial Sewage Treatment Plants that are appreciated by many reputed builders in India.
  • Our Treatment plants are widely used for residential complexes, municipal corporations, and housing societies and can be easily installed at any site.
  • This world-class wastewater treatment solution not only helps in ensuring pollution-free water bodies but also helps in solving the water scarcity problem in our cities.
  • Sewage Water Plant (STP) uses an activated sludge process to treat the water.
  • It works on the Aerobic Respiration method, in which polluted water is treated by passing Sewage through three-tier processes of aeration, de-nitrification, and finally filtration cum absorption with the help of filters installed in plants.
  • Treated Water is suitable for purposes like gardening and irrigation. 
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Secondary Treatment:

  • Removal of B.O.D
  • Removal of Odour
  • U.A.S.B.R

Equipment Involved:

  • Floating Aerator
  • Fixed Aerator
  • Blowers
  • Compressors FAB Media
  • Tertiary Treatment:-
  • Pressure Sand Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • U.V Treatment
  • Ozonation
  • Chlorination


  • Colour odor-suspended solids removal



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