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Semi Automatic PET Blowing Machines

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We had simplified the technology of the Semi Automatic Pet Blow Molding Machines which will help our buyer to use and maintain on his own.

Product Details:

  • Easy Access: The pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical equipment, as well as the cooling system, are easily accessible. Minimum replacement time is required when one type of bottle mould is changed for another one. No special tools are needed
  • The Quartz Oven: Eight vertically, horizontally and angularly adjustable double lamps can be returned to all a more uniform heating of any type of preforms before blowing. Preheating is achieved by recirculating hot air exhausted by lamps and the system automatically adjusts to changes in the ambient temperature
  • An oven with ten lamps (optional) permits the heating of thicker preforms
  • The Control Cabinet: The control cabinet is equipped with a programmable microprocessor with Error Status indicator. Setting and adjusting of the controls can be performed manually. For special climates, the cabinet can be air conditioned
  • The Bi-Axial Orientation: PET is certainly the ideal material, but to retain that title, it also needs the full benefits of bi-axial orientation
  • Bi-axial orientation requires two stage production. The preform is first produced and then, within a precise temperature range, it is simultaneously stretched both axially, (thanks to stretching rods), and radially by blowing. It is this process which gives the container its strength.


  • Semi Model – Ssb – 05b -Speed 600 Bottle Per Hour
  • Semi Model – Ssb – 05b Auto Drop -Speed 700 – 800 Bottle Per Hour
  • Model – Ssb –05b Auto Drop -Speed 800- 1000 Bottle Per Hour


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