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Mineral Water Plant

Raw water is chlorinated or Ozonated to oxidize the organic impurities (kill bacteria and viruses). This water is passed through a media Filter with the help of a Feed pump of suitable capacity to remove suspended impurities followed by an Activated Carbon Filter to remove excess chlorine (dechlorination), odor, color, and turbidity due to colloidally suspended impurities, and organic impurities.

Dechlorinated water is then dosed with an Antiscalant Solution to avoid scale formation on the membrane or passed through a Softener to remove hardness. Softened water is further passed through a 10-micron cartridge filter to remove micron particles to avoid clogging the RO membrane and to improve the silt density index. Water further passed through the RO Unit which is complete with a High-Pressure Pump, Membranes with Pressure tubes, Electrical control panel and wet panel, piping with valves, and all the required accessories viz., pressure switch, solenoid valve, etc. Reverse Osmosis unit will reduce the dissolved Salts up to 95% of the TDS. Treated water from the RO unit will be stored in the SS tank.

This treated water is then passed through a 0.2-micron cartridge filter before it is taken for the filling. The ozone unit producing ozone gas is installed in series at the outlet of the UV System to provide the residual effect of ozone to the water.


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