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Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant

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Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant used for the purpose of water purification, the offered RO Plant is known to be one of the finest available in the market. Owing to the high-grade raw materials and technology used for manufacturing this, the offered plant provides a highly commendable functionality. This product is offered to clients at the best rate possible.

A Canadian Crystalline Reserve Osmosis ( RO ) System uses a special semi-permeable TFC membrane Filter. TFC / Thin Film Composite Filters reject a higher percentage of all dissolved solids including Sodium, the smallest of molecules.


Clarifiers: High Rate Clarifiers, Clari-flocculation
Filters: Pressure Sand, Multigrade, Dual Media, Activated Carbon and Continuous Cleaning Filter
Membrane Separation Systems: Micron, Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Nano Filtration, Micro Filtration, Hot Sanitized UF for Pharma.
Desalination Systems: Brackish & Sea Water.
Industrial Softeners: Hot Lime/ Soda and Base Exchange
Deionizers: Downflow, Upflow, Counterflow, and Split flow Two Bed and Mixed Bed.
Degassers: Atmospheric.
Chemical Dosers: Metering Pumps, Different Pressure Operated Systems.
Ion Exchange: A wide range of cationic and anionic exchangers.
Electro chlorinators: For on-site generation of chlorine from brine.
Wastewater Treatment Systems: Aerators, clarifiers, dosing systems, filters, solid contact stabilization units, activated carbon systems, bio discs and anaerobic systems, fluidized media reactors, membrane bio-reactor.
Package Sewage Treatment Plants: For Hotels and Hospitals Based on Extended Aeration.
Selectively Adapted Bacterial: In effluent treatment for removal of cyanide, Treatment culture phenol, oil, and grease and increased efficiencies of BOD removal.
Oil removal systems: Coalescers, Drum Skimmers, Polymers, Anthracite Media Filters, Oil Water Separators.
Fluoride Removal Units: For potable water and effluent disposal.
Iron Removal Unit: For Industrial and potable water.
Domestic Water Purifier: Online purifiers, RO/UF-based purifiers of 150/250 LPH, and Water Conditioners (Softeners, D-ferrous Water Quality Monitoring)
Instruments: PH/REDOX, conductivity and dissolved oxygen.
Test Kits: Total water testing Lab for chemical and Bacteriological count.
Disinfection System: UV Sterilizers, Ozonator
Sterilized Water System: Sub Micron filters, Electro De Ionisation System.


  • Commendable functionality
  • High-grade raw materials used
  • Offered at the best rate possible



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